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By Kolby Ashby TOMAR High-Bay Luminaires

Rugged LED Lighting: TOMAR High-Bay Luminaires

Tomar Electronics, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been a leader in audible and visual signals since 1969. We are well-known for our industrial alarms that provide immediate warnings to potential dangers and allow for quick action from emergency response teams. But we also understand the importance of a well-lit workplace, especially in extreme high-temperature conditions. That’s why we have developed a line of high-bay luminaires that are built to withstand harsh, high-temperature installations while generating full rated light output.

The Challenges of Illuminating High-Temperature Environments

Illuminating any facility with such high-temperature needs presents unique challenges. Most such plants today still rely on old technology light fixtures for illumination because nothing else worked on the market. Most LED luminaires on the market are not rated for high-temperature environments and therefore fail to deliver the promised long-life advantages of an LED light source. Even those that claim high-temperature ratings rarely provide full light output at ambient temperatures above 50C.

TOMAR's High-Bay Luminaires: The Solution to Harsh Industrial Environments

Now you can finally take advantage of LED’s promised benefits. TOMAR’s TLB96 LED luminaire is the best choice for selecting a fixture to deliver on these promises. Our High-Bay Luminaires were engineered from the ground up to withstand the high ambient temperatures in steel mills, glass plants, and similar severe environments. TOMAR only makes light fixtures for harsh environments. Unlike some manufacturers, they don’t take an existing commercial institution and add a heat sink or two to “industrialize” it.

What Makes TOMAR's High-Bay Luminaires So Rugged?

All TOMAR light fixtures are mechanically rugged to begin with. The ruggedness is built into each fixture starting at its design stage. In addition to the high-output LEDs, each luminaire is fitted with field replaceable high-temperature power supplies containing ceramic/stacked foil capacitors rather than the more common aluminum electrolytic ones. The difference between the two is critical because only the superior ceramic/stacked foil devices can withstand the extreme temperatures typically found in harsh industrial applications and last as long as the LEDs in the fixture do. Often, a standard commercial LED fixture will fail because of a poor power supply design before the LEDs do.

Benefits of TOMAR's High-Bay Luminaires

TOMAR’s TLB96 line of high-bay Luminaires are engineered to provide many years of uninterrupted service in even the harshest environments. They are built to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 167° F (75° C) and are guaranteed for ten years. “Imagine the savings in downtime and maintenance costs of not needing to re-lamp for ten years; and this is on top of energy savings of 25% to 70%” says Emilio DiLonardo, Industrial Division Director for TOMAR Electronics.

At TOMAR Electronics, Inc., we are committed to protecting people, property, and budgets through solutions that clear the way for safer, more sustainable environments. With our in-house product development and industry-leading delivery times, we are the best choice when selecting a fixture that can deliver on the promises of LED lighting in extreme high-temperature conditions. Choose our high-bay luminaires for a reliable, long-lasting solution in harsh industrial environments.