Visual Signals

Steady-on & Flashing Beacons

Steady-on and flashing beacons are the ideal signaling choice for process control and status monitoring of machinery, conveyor systems, and other non-emergency alerts.

Strobe Beacons

High-powered xenon strobe beacons provide the best visual warning for emergency situations. Lower power models such as our Microstrobes are ideal for material handling applications.

Hazardous Location

Tomar Class I, Division 2 visual signals consist of both LED and xenon strobe tube models.


Flameproof visual signals are available in either xenon strobe configurations or LED. Either model is offered in copper-free aluminum alloy or GRP (Glass reinforced polyester).

Explosion Proof

Explosion proof warning light available in either xenon strobe tube or LED configurations. Engineered and manufactured for installations in petrochemical facilities, off-shore oil platforms, and oil refineries.

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