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Combination Audible/Visual Signals

TOMAR audible/visual signals provide 2 alarms in one. The LED Microstack Andon Light can be configured with an audible alarm to augment the flashing or steady burning modular light tower. This is the ideal configuration in machine-status or process control signaling applications.

TOMAR flameproof audible/visual combination alarms are a family of high-output, multi-tone alarm sounders and strobe or LED warning lights all in one unit. High SPL (Sound pressure level) in a robust copper-free, corrosion resistant aluminum enclosure. the D1xC2 is suitable for all Class I & II Division 1, Zone 1 & 20 explosion proof signaling applications.

The BExCS and BExCL models are Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22 approved to IECEx, ATEX, Ex EAC and INMETRO standards. Engineered and manufactured for installations in petrochemical facilities, offshore oil platforms, and oil refineries

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