High Output MicroLED® - Dual Color

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TOMAR Electronics’ MicroLED® is a compact, flashing, 360-degree warning device. Because of its compact size and identical bolt-pattern as our MicroStrobe, the MircoLED is ideal for applications where space is limited, such as lift trucks and material handling equipment. The Dual-Color MicroLED now features 2 sets of (3) high-power LEDs for selectable warning in both Amber or Red. The Dual MicroLED continues to provide the increase in light output and increased vertical light spread as seen in the single-color High-Output MicroLED variant.

With two-sets of (3) high-power LEDs in both Amber and Red, the dual-color MicroLED can adapt to varying warning needs. The independent -VDC triggers make switching from Amber to Red simple, and can be accomplished both independently or progressively to override Amber. The durable vibration resistant construction and long-life LED technology is backed up with a full five-year warranty. Externally, the tough Lexan lens is spun-welded to the base to completely seal out moisture and prevent internal condensation. MicroLED is UL Recognized, manufactured to NEMA 4X specifications, and like TOMAR MicroStrobe, is engineered to operate over a wide DC input voltage range of 12-80 VDC. MircoLED also shares the same bolt-pattern as the MircoStrobe in the surface-mount option.

Key Features

  • Utilizes TOMAR’s High-Output MicroLED optical technology for increased vertical light spread.
  • Spun-welded lens makes our MicroLED durable for whatever you throw at it!
  • Like all TOMAR Products, MicroLED is designed, engineered, and assembled in our energy star manufacturing plant in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • Uses TOMAR’s Dual-Color LED technology for selectable Amber or Red warning.
  • Neobe ® Flashing Technology.
  • 12-80 VDC input voltage
  • 1/2″ Female Pipe Mount, 1/2″ Male Thread Mount, and surface/flange mount available (see product options).
  • Manufactured to NEMA 4X Standards for ingress protection and corrosion resistance.
  • UL Recognized.
  • 5-year TOMAR warranty.


  • Forklift Trucks
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Farming Equipment/Tractors
  • Mining Equipment
  • Specialized industry specific equipment


  • Operating Voltage: 12-80 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -40-65 °C
  • NEMA Rating: NEMA 4X
  • UL Standard: UL583
    • Flash Rate (FPM): 107 Quadrulplets FPM
    • Flash – Period (mS): 560mS
    • Flash – On Time (mS): 240mS
    • Flash – Pulses (mS): (4) 25mS-On, 55mS-Off
  • RED Average Current (mA)
    • 12VDC: 71
    • 24VDC: 37
    • 36VDC: 27
    • 48VDC: 23
    • 80VDC: 19
    • Flash Rate (FPM): 75 Septuplets FPM
    • Flash – Period (mS): 800mS
    • Flash – On Time (mS): 245mS
    • Flash – Pulses (mS): (7) 25mS-On, 55mS-Off
  • Amber Average Current (mA)
    • 12VDC: 65
    • 24VDC: 42
    • 36VDC: 28
    • 48VDC: 24
    • 80VDC: 20