High Output MicroLED® - Single Color

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TOMAR Electronics’ 300A Series MicroLED® line of compact flashing LED’s consists of 3 high-powered LED’s to assure maximum light output and full 360 degree coverage. The 300A series is the ideal choice for Lift truck applications or wherever a compact warning light is required. It generates twice the light output of our 300L series in Amber, and its wider vertical beam spread assures better visibility. 

The tough Lexan lens is spun welded to the base to completely seal out moisture and prevent internal condensation. 300A Is UL recognized and manufactured to NEMA 4X specifications, and is engineered to operate over a wide DC input voltage range of 12-80 VDC.  The durable vibration resistant construction and LED technology is backed up with a full five year warranty.

NOTE: This high output version of TOMAR’s MicroLED (300A) has replaced the 300L MircoLED Series of lights.

Key Features

  • 5-year warranty
  • NEMA 4X
  • UL Recognized
  • 12-80 VDC input voltage
  • Lexan Lens
  • Neobe ® Flashing Technology
  • Pipe, Thread, or Surface mounts
  • 6 LED/Lens colors – Amber, Blue, Green, Purple (violet), Red, White


  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Flash Rate: 75 Neobe® flashes per minute – each consisting of 7 rapid flashes of light.
  • Voltage and Amperage:
    • 34 mA @ 12 VDC
    • 15 mA @ 24 VDC
    • 12 mA @ 36 VDC
    • 11 mA @ 48 VDC
    • 9 mA @ 80 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -40º to 65º C

Architect and Engineer Specifications

The LED warning light shall be Tomar model 370A, 390A, 395A or approved equal. The light source shall consist of 3 high-powered LED’s producing a 360° light beam spread. The lens and base material shall consist of Lexan® or equal polycarbonate material. The lens shall be spun welded to the base to completely seal out moisture and prevent internal condensation. The voltage range shall be 10-100 VDC, and operating temperature range of -40° C to 60° C. The visual warning signal shall be UL recognized, and NEMA 4X rated.

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